Everything you need to know

My name is Abdullah and I currently live in Italy. I am a certified TEFL teacher. Since I am in Rome now, I am currently learning Italian myself so I know the challenges of learning a new language, especially when you are an adult learner. I aim to make my lessons fun and make sure that the students enjoy themselves while learning English. Whether you want to have a normal conversation, focus on your grammar or need help with writing, you can contact me and we’ll go from there.

I have been an informal tutor to many kids, especially in my neighborhood and family. My mom also teaches grade 1 and 2 so all my life, I have seen her being repetitive and using different methods that involved visual aids to teach kids. I have taught grammar and basic sentence formation to primary school kids and later on, I also prepped a few students for their high school exams. Recently, I got my 160 hour TEFL certification and I very excited to teach online. This might be a new chapter for me.

Now, a little about myself. I moved to Italy five months ago to pursue my masters in Mechanical engineering design. I have a bachelor’s degree in engineering and I am a published author in the field of fluid mechanics. Growing up, I had this crazy interest in the national geographic channel which subsided with time, obviously. But I moved on to reading and even now I remember, from grade 6-8, each weekend, I would issue a book from the school library and my sister and I would take turns reading it. Some of those were Oliver Twist, The Railway Children, Don Quixote and a lot of books by Enid Blyton. With Tom Cruise being my hero for most of my childhood, mission impossible series has been a significant part of it. My middle sister is a fan of the horror genre and she makes me sit with her and watch all of those horror movies at night which I only do because I love her, I get very easily spooked and my mother shares that quality with me.

I like open spaces, quiet sceneries, and simple yet modern people and cultures. Freedom of speech and expression while maintaining dignity and respect is my utmost goal in life and everyone should have that. Usually, I write about my own experiences, the people I meet and their impact on me and all of that is on my blog.

After I graduated, I went to work as a project engineer where I worked for two years. I was lucky to have a boss who gave me so much support that I became an assistant manager within a year. I value loyalty and honesty above everything. People should focus on one simple rule in life, do well while you can and not judge anyone.

I am looking forward to teaching English online and in person within Rome city, to anyone who might be interested but students can also approach me for mathematics and science lessons in the English language. Students of all age groups are welcome to join but my preference would be from grade 4-12. Young adults and everyone else, who want someone to practice with, can contact me and I will make sure to be of assistance in a way that would improve your language skills. I am excited about our first lesson together and I hope that I can help you learn and improve your language skills.